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We asked ourselves, what would happen if Amnesia and Clive Barker’s: Undying had a baby?


The result would be  Blinding Dark, a First Person Shooter horror game.  Complete puzzles, collect items and power-ups, fight enemies and do your best to manage the very thin resources you have at your disposal.


Blinding Dark will have a total of 6 Acts and each Act will take place in a different environment while adding to the story and gameplay.

BLINDING DARK is an indie first person tactical horror game being produced and developed primus88 on the Unity engine. I jumped on and was pleasantly surprised by not only how much fun I was having but how good the game ran and looked … read more

This isn’t a game about delivering pleasant baskets of cookies to the ghastly inhabitants though, and as awesome as that idea sounds the game will most definitely require you to defend yourself from the denizens of this mad house … read more

I am guessing that would suppose to be an particle effect or well be one in the future to obscure the horrible, horrible, brutality of what you are about to withness there… OOOHHH… holly crap… hehe… uhm… “HI”… that caught me good… I love the screen effect there … read more

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